Is Predictive Analytics the Future of Big Data?

Is Predictive Analytics the Future of Big Data?The analysis of big data has for long been the cornerstone that technologists and futurists swore by in the recent past.

Enterprises look forward to this analysis as a source of valuable insights the operations related to their business as well as finding correlations within revenue and the activity conducted in the field of sales and marketing.

Frameworks like Hadoop are not only open source but also make data storage more effective both in terms of analytics tools as well as costs associated with the storage of data.

Situation Set To Change

But the prevailing situation is in for some serious change as large data set analysis undergoes a paradigm shift from what happened or is happening to what will happen. Machine learning, the concept of cloud computing as well as technologies that work in-memory all are contributing to this shift.

This shift is termed predictive analysis and promises to be the next big thing in the exciting world of Big Data. With it, Enterprises shall no more be confined to insights gained through analysis of data and react according to it but will be able make pretty accurate forecast of the state of their business a month, week or hours down the line through an effective combination of historical, third party and real time data.

This in turn will allow prompt action on potential problems like failure of machinery or depletion of stock and also to cash in on euphoric or depressed moods common after sporting events. However the focus should be on action than mere forecasts.

The Impact on CRM

CRM or customer relationship management software is a key area where predictive analytics can prove to be of invaluable help. Here predictive analysis will help marketers and sales people to be aware of the impact that their activity will potentially have and also to be able to provide content and pitches that are more personalized. This option is far better than simply to rely on the historical data about interactions made previously.

Inside Sales is a IT specialist in analytics and machine-learning and is one of the companies that is making use of this concept by not limiting itself to analytics but extending to the sphere of predictive analytics with a service based in the cloud.

Their system takes into account data from CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce and then proceeds to analyse the same against sales interactions that are suitably anonymized and are in tune of over 100 billion in number from the breadth of its worldwide customer base.

Why It Is Superior

This results in the predictive analytics that is both more effectively enhanced and expanded. This is due to the fact that the data possessed by the company is compared to an aggregated data mass.

When put into practice a company is able to figure out its performance vis-à-vis global and regional trends in sales in this particular sector and to find out key influences like economic factors, current affairs and maybe even the weather on its sales.

You have to know clients as people if you need to win them and then you’ll make more intelligent choices about their needs and practices.

The Workforce

Big Data training is essential for creating a workforce that can suitably match the demands of Big Data and its associated technologies and processes.

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