Got A Breakthrough Idea For The R Language?

R-Language-01In the June of 2015 the R Consortium was first announced. The aim of the R Consortium is to provide support to the ecosystem as well as the community surrounding the R programming language and facilitate the adaptation of R as a Big Data tool. The Infrastructure Steering Committee or ISC of The R Consortium seeks to direct the technical focus of the language along with overseeing projects that are meant to improve the, shall we say, R experience.

It is to be noted that all this lacks a central vision for R beyond simple support. And the reason behind that lies in the fact that the aims of the R Consortium is to provide support for projects that the R community thinks will aid it in its growth and thrive at the same time.

The R Consortium will grant awards to project proposals that according to them will be of maximum benefit to the community in a biennial basis. It is the ISC that is responsible for the reception, evaluation and selection of projects.

R-Hub happens to be the first proposal to be selected under the program. It provides an essential build and check process in the pre-CRAN period. This gives the developers of packages the ability conduct tests on the builds proposed by them before it is sent to the CRAN. This makes the whole process easier and swifter for CRAN volunteers.

The proposals that will be accepted next has a deadline of the 10th of January, 2016 and the final announcement regarding the grant will only be made in the middle of February next year. The process has been described and guidelines provided by the ISC on the website of the R Consortium.

Steph Locke from Mango has drafted a proposal template that you are free to customize for your very own proposal. Though the template is indeed exhaustive but it needs to be customized in terms of both sections and topics.

The movement demands that even ordinary folks using R are given the chance to come up with solutions to the shortcomings presently found in R.

Also there is need to raise the number of institutes and courses both off and online that impart R language training.

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