Things to judge in SAS training centres

If you are new to the glittering world of the corporate community, you may have come across the words like data analysis coaching, SAS training centres and may even know a few of your colleagues or batch-mates who have already enrolled with such institutes to make their resume look more impressive and smoothen the path to that long awaited promotion they have been working hard for.


But why is SAS training necessary? And how would it impact your business?

The fact that knowledge in the field of data analysis or SAS could be important for the development of your company is nothing short of an understatement. It is a no-brainer that no commercial firm can hope to survive in the market without having their data analyzed. If you still find yourself ambitious in giving it a shot, we suggest you imagine the following two scenarios:

  • Imagine you have a pharmaceutical company, and are working on a new drug that can potentially cure cancer. And you are currently running drug trials on say, more than 500 patients. This massive bunch of patients will generate a huge bulk of data.
  • There may be a fruit juice company with plans to expand their flavor options by launching a new flavor of fruit juice. In order to test the markets, and to gauge the procurability of this flavor they are running a survey to determine the profitability linked to this flavor. This would generate a huge list of data to keep track of at all times.
  • The sales director of your company is aware of discrepancies with a certain popular product; it is a serious situation with the company reputation and brand value at stake. But he has not initiated a market research analysis program to enable him to draw valuable conclusions. What will happen?

The above sample scenarios are strong enough testimonies to the fact that market research and data analysis form the backbone of all companies. Hence, it is apparent that skills in data analysis tools such as SAS knowledge is an invaluable skill in any intelligent professional.

What a standard SAS teaching institute should provide in their curriculum?

  • How to automate work using MS Excel
  • How to create visually pleasing dashboards to make your webpage more appealing to potential leads
  • Understanding Logistic regression and Ace Learning
  • Perfecting SAS software understanding and R skills

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