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Why R programming is chasing out Python in data?

Why-R-programming-is-chasing-out-Python-in-dataAs per a recent survey, the training wheels of data science mostly turn to Python. Most industry experts revealed that Python remains to be the no. 1 tool in data science. Many even suggest that R programming skill is turning out to be the top dog in the data industry today after Python.

While many argue that there is no reason to believe that Python’s reign on the data world will not last. But also these are the same people who only thought so, when data science was a place for PhD-holding propeller-heads. Now data science is a mainstream industry, with fresh recruits from a varied range of fields. Initially Python was thought to have the widest range of utilities, but newer and more advanced technologies are cropping up every day.

With data science and management slowly emerging to be elemental in all industries, so is R programming.

Why Python is being swallowed?

It is a common notion that comparing two different programming languages is whimsical as each has their separate “use scenarios”. For instance, it might still seem plausible comparing C++and Swift, but it may not be very informative on the font of revealing new news.

Similar is the case for comparing Python with R programming; both are used by data scientists for data analysis. But R software was initially developed keeping the needs of statisticians. While on the other hand, Python has a more generalized purpose. Earlier in the industry Python had the most number of job opportunities, with its usability in web applications and other such similar uses.

But there has been a sudden change in preferences within the industry which is interesting to note, that led to the sudden rise in the popularity of R programming.

As per the multifaceted ranking from IEEE spectrum, the topmost 5 programming languages currently are – Java, C, C++, R and Python. Another interesting fact to note about R programming language is that it rose from the 9th to the 6th position within a single year. So, it is understandable that it is slowly emerging into the top ranking programming languages now.

Are experts snacking on Python first and then feasting on R?

Many experts expect that there will be an impending fusion in the realm of big data with the melding of R and Python. While Python is the generalist language for developers, but R is a data experts’ language, for those who know their way in data. Many had the question if both R and Python would be in use in the long-run, are both such languages useful in the future.

Today we have the answer to this question as the biggest experts in the field have claimed that more often than not R and Python are used together. But still there is ample reason to believe that R will soon take over the data science world over Python. Because with time, as data planning, management and analysis becomes invaluable in businesses regardless of the department of operation, R will also gain greater popularity rather than Python. And that is not only the forecast for data science industry but overall in the corporate world.

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