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Telecom Industry is Cashing on Big Data Analytics


The term telecom is a very big word in the business world today, especially with the concept net neutrality which has flooded all over the world over the past few months.

How adoption rates are increasing at light speed:

The issue of whether companies should create hierarchical internet services is still a matter of debate, but still there is one technology that all the giants in the telecom industry like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are using, to capitalize on their competitive advantages. If they can get access to the data that circulates through their networks in each second, then they can find better ways to deliver phone, internet and television services. So, why not analyse the heck out of that data?

After all it is a fact that telecommunications companies have built their very business on information. So, this should not come as a surprise that they would be willing to spend a lot in programs to qualitatively analyse of data.

Watch our video attached here to know more about how telecom companies ca reduce customer churn and better their service delivery:

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