Data Science Job Opportunities: A Comprehensive Analysis


The landscape of employment is changing. The job opportunities in the field of data science is surging onwards, that too at a robust rate.

To support, the key discussion of the World Economic Forum, 2016 was that of how employment fluctuations going to affect your lives and job generation in the coming years.


Future job opportunities

An extensive array of factors is expected to unleash a concoction of effects of diverse segments of employment market till 2020. For example, a recent demographic report stated by 2020, employment opportunities are going to go up the ladder by 5% approx, worldwide. On the other hand, the continuous geopolitical instability around the world tends to be a significant reason for a hefty reduction of employment by 2.7%. On top of this, Artificial Intelligence is regarded as a key influencer for manpower reduction by a mere 1.5%.

In short, the recruitment procedure is going to be a lot more severe.


Lesser university application rates

If you follow the trends then it might not have escaped your eyes that the students applications to the universities have taken a pause – in the UK, the numbers are falling drastically, owing to the much-anticipated Brexit.

Also, artificial intelligence is posing a bigger threat to job creation – automation is definitely going to eat away a number of entry-level jobs but constant upgrades may save you for the

Keep yourself always updated with the latest skills and techniques

Whether you are a working professional or a student seeking data certification, it hardly matters when it comes to honing your skills regularly. Every day, some fresh developments are taking place in the fascinating world of technology – be updated always.

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