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Which Ones Your Preferred Database From 2017?


The ‘trending’ topic this season is Data Processing. The statistics attached with this blog depicts that respondents have mainly voted for NoSQL and SQL databases. The opinions of the respondents have conferred the title of ‘most engaging’ to NoSQL database, confirming the second position with a 74.8%.

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The survey declares the PostgreSQL as the confirmed winner, where 25.3 % have proclaimed it to be ‘very interesting’ and 37.7 % have confined within ‘interesting’.

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The results of the survey, which database has gathered the maximum attention of  respondents, are as follows:

  • Elasticsearch declared runner-up with an overall 59%.
  • The amalgamation of Lucene and Solr roaring with 43.8%
  • More interest devoured in Apache Spark with 3%
  • Hadoop scoring a meager of 8%

Next, it unveils that the US respondents have mainly opted for Elasticsearch to PostgreSQL, and Oracle have failed to evoke any interest in the mind of US respondents. However, the picture is completely opposite for the European respondents.

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The ending note states that it is high time we realize that the dire need of the hour is data storage and processing. This conclusion is supported by the fact that so many respondents have invested their valuable time in the survey and clearly shows that database is here to stay.

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Telecom Industry is Cashing on Big Data Analytics


The term telecom is a very big word in the business world today, especially with the concept net neutrality which has flooded all over the world over the past few months.

How adoption rates are increasing at light speed:

The issue of whether companies should create hierarchical internet services is still a matter of debate, but still there is one technology that all the giants in the telecom industry like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are using, to capitalize on their competitive advantages. If they can get access to the data that circulates through their networks in each second, then they can find better ways to deliver phone, internet and television services. So, why not analyse the heck out of that data?

After all it is a fact that telecommunications companies have built their very business on information. So, this should not come as a surprise that they would be willing to spend a lot in programs to qualitatively analyse of data.

Watch our video attached here to know more about how telecom companies ca reduce customer churn and better their service delivery:

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Installation Guide from DexLab Analytics

Dexlab Analytics presents a handy installation guide to all aspiring data analysts to test their hands on Hadoop ecosystems. It only works in a Linux environment and hence, can be tricky to handle. This step-by-step guide will help you through to get this useful software installed in your computer and to start making sense of all the chaos surrounding data.

The Hottest Job Locations for Data Analysis Personnel are:

The current salary trends of analytics personnel

In India the hottest job locations for a data analyst position according to our pay-scale and job scenario survey are – Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore. For more details on payment packages on offer for various data analysis positions view our infographic with numbers based on industry-based survey.

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Data Analytics is revolutionizing trading, are you prepared?


If you still are unaware of the power of data analytics even after the success of the movie Moneyball, then you might as well be living under a rock. Yes the book by Michael Lewis transformed the way sports administrators can identify low-performing players by using data analysis rather than the conventional techniques. This was the first time something as analytical and core-academic was used in the field of sports and that too for something as substantial as selecting players.

But today data analysis is used in almost every aspect of our lives than just the way we like our favorite teams in popular sports. The basic idea behind statistical analysis is to determine meaningful patterns within a given set of data. This discipline is slowly edging its way into every conceivable business avenue these days whether big or small. The main elements in this field are data (that are available easily these days) and highly powerful computer programs that are used to analyze it and draw valuable insights from it. This field has completely changed the way we perceive information and make decisions. Historically these analysis tools have helped companies take decisions on how they should position themselves in new market ventures as well as place their new products.

For instance, ecommerce start-ups that house some of the smartest minds in the business are using expert statisticians to analyze Big Data with state-of-the-art data analysis tools to generate useful deductions from otherwise dull numbers and decimal points. Whether it is the heavy shifters in the logistics market or simply consumer durables and other fast selling products, companies are using data analysis to predict trends, deduce pricing patterns and are leveraging themselves with a revolutionary use of data analysis tools. Also in the sports world data analysis is behind big decisions like who to draft in a team to what should be the in-game strategy to marketing budget. Movie studios also employ analysis tools to calculate box-office generations and to even predict which movies will be a hit and which ones will be a flop.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that data analytics would not make its way into the field that generates the highest number of data i.e. finances. The worlds of finances are all about numbers and so data analysis is an integral tool that has been used as an operational instrument in this field for a long-time now. While data analysis has been used in the financial world for several years globally, it is still fairly new to the Indian markets. Until now Indian markets only used data analysis tools in brokerage firms for slicing orders and for minimizing the impact cost of sales and purchases. But data analysis can also be used for mitigating frauds in money laundering, risk analysis and management and for rogue trading.

But currently the stock market is also on the verge of boarding the Big Data analysis train which is known as ‘Quants’ amongst the industry insiders. The basis of decision making in the stock trading market holding the hands of Data Analysis is to choose on the basis of history repeats itself theory. So the analysis tools are used more for technical analysis. The trend of analyzing data on the verge of the result season is slowly transforming as realizing valuable insights and patterns in data has somewhat a knee-jerk effect for the analysts and experts associated with the field. Hence, it is understandable that data analysis is making its way into the core practices of how we trade finances. So, it is understandable that the new key player in the market is data analysis or in other words also known as power computing. As the market experts have realized that using data analysis tools with precision will only increase their trading capabilities while enriching their funds in the process, so it is highly recommended for market participants to join the coveted team of data analysts to harness the true potentials of data.

In India the leading data analyst training institute in Delhi, NCR is DexLab Analytics which offers industry-oriented training courses in data analysis, Big Data Hadoop and other statistical analysis tools used in the market currently.

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