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Commonly Found Dashboard Mistakes in Excel


There are a number of mistakes commonly made by MS Excel users in their dashboards in the course of work conducted on behalf of organizations as we will elaborate through this blog post. So, today we have in store for you- Commonly found dashboard mistakes in MS Excel.

  • Data Dumping

By data dumping the practice of placing all data on a dashboard because either you are unsure of what is truly wanted or just with the purpose of keeping all of the people involved happy. Regardless of the reason behind the act, this usually results in a mess that only manages to confuse. Take this as a rule of thumb; dashboards that try to be everything to everyone end up being a total failure if not exactly a total disaster.

  • Improper Visualization of Data

It is not rare to find people who are convinced by vendors dealing in Business Intelligence that 3-dimensional charts, especially of the flashy kind, is exactly what was needed to save a business but research in data visualization is suggestive that they might do more harm than good. The option of sticking with charts that are already familiar to us is a better one than going for options that appear to be self-indulgent and complicated to say the very least. Remember you are not here to do marketing and that your dashboard does not need to be glitzy, flashy, manipulative or go over the top in order to be effective.

  • Do Not Place Too Much Emphasis on the Technology

It is so common to find scenarios where businesses begin dashboard projects only to find themselves spending 80% of their time and energy, two valuable resources, on conducting research on the integration of new BI platforms and only the rest 20% on creating the dashboard itself. There is a need for the numbers to be the reverse. Remember that Dashboards are required from the point of view of business and is not about demonstrating technology. And logically when we treat developing them like if it is a technological project we run the risk of encountering overruns of schedules which are all too familiar with departments that are dealing with Information Technology.

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