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Republic Day – The Startup India Tableau

Republic Day – The Startup India Tableau

The commerce and industry ministry said it will showcase a tableau on Startup India on Republic Day, 2020 with an aim to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the nation. This is the first time there has been a Startup India tableau on Republic Day.


The ‘Startups: Reach for the Sky’ tableau is themed on the life-cycle of a startup and the various elements of support given to the start-up by the government, a government statement read.

A government official said in the statement, “The front of the tableau depicts a creative mind, full of ideas to solve real world problems. The Startup India Tree, in the middle will represent different kinds of support given.”


The staircase denotes the many stages of growth – they are – thinking up a concept, engineering a prototype, readying a business plan, putting together a team, launching into markets and eventually scaling up, an Economic Times report said.


The wheel will stand for sectors of economy where Indians have driven and given a boost to economic growth and created employment opportunities. Startup India is a showcase of the Narendra Modi government, conceived to build a robust ecosystem to nurture innovation, boost sustainable economic growth and generate large scale job openings.

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