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How R is Used in Education? A Survey Report

HOW R IS USED IN EDUCATION A SURVEY REPORTThe fun fact with R is that it first originated in academia, the creators of R Programming Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentlemen developed this programming language at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and it has been widely used in graduate programs ever since. In programs that require that include strong statistical analysis. This programming language has often been used in MOOCs i.e. Massive Open Online Courses. In fact this programming language is extensively used in graduate educational programs that involve crunching data and students of statistics will encounter R in their academic life. And like everything else that is exposed to students in schools, R will naturally also be widely adopted for industrial use as well. As R is widely used in higher education, thus it is evident that its demand will increase in business and this is the reason why people who miss the R train in college often seek, R Programming Online Training programs like the one from DexLab Analytics.

Why drive for adoption of technology?

While technology makes things easier for us and could be deemed as fun, but then again most us who use technology also do it for a living. To the advantage of R users it is not only a pleasure to use this software but also due to its high demand in business it is also hugely profitable with fat checks for those who are well-versed.

The survey conducted by Dice Technology Salary Survey suggested that R is the highest paying skill as of last year. In a recent survey conducted by O’Reilly Data Science Salary Survey also put R as one of the most used statistical tools by the highest paid data scientists.

R has a diverse community:

The professionals working with R come from a diverse range of backgrounds; the list consists of scientists, academics, business analysts, statisticians and professional programmers. The diversity can be well perceived in the packages maintained by the community CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) which brings the colorful backgrounds of the community members to the forefront.

The packages available with R can take care of several types of tasks like – creating maps, stock market analysis, high throughput genomic analysis, usual language processing. Moreover, people can get access to all the latest R-based news, from R Bloggers, which is a blog aggregation site which serves as a hub for latest news and updates related to R.

R is easy to use:

Many people get drawn to R due to its ease of use. One can generate complex charts and maps in R with only a few lines of code. This is an advantage of using R as other languages will require several lines of codes to complete these tasks. Though the popular notion about this software is that it is quirky, but it has several powerful features especially geared towards Data Analysis.

For more news and updates on R programming and details about the best R Programming Online Training programs stay hooked to our daily posts.

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